Apr 16, 2016

Titles to use on forward address on envelopes

Not sure what title to use for couple who are living together or when a wife retain her maiden name. Here is list of "how to" address that forward address.


 - As published in Etiquette - Charlotte Ford's Guide to Modern Manners by Charlotte Ford © 1988

Apr 14, 2016

Life is full of special moments, precious memories with family and friends. Sharing those moments with loved ones are part of joys of life.

Here are collection of special ways to express your luv. Each of these invitations and cards can be tailored to express your unique taste and style.

I look forward to helping you express those special moments of joy.
Put effort and thought into your invitation since it will be the guests’ first impression of your affair. Let the invitation design reflect your party’s theme and signal that something out of the ordinary is to be expected. Think of it as marketing. 
An eye-catching invitation is the best way to ensure attendance of a stellar crowd. Nothing creates bigger expectations for the occasion and gives a more glamorous impression than a traditional paper invitation.

- As published in Perfect Parties by Linnea Johansson © 2007